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    2. Interstate Nineteen

      2020 Interstate Nineteen starting at $161,099
      2020 Interstate Nineteen Icon_ArrowDown

      The Interstate Nineteen Touring Coach takes everything that makes the Interstate the #1 best-selling Class B diesel motorhome and wraps it in a smaller, nimbler 19-foot package – one that fits nicely in a standard parking spot. Take off for a solo adventure or get some couple time. Head to the city or the campground. Enjoy every luxurious amenity and every advanced safety feature. And most importantly, have the time of your life.




      Seats Up To


      Sleeps up to


      Floor Plan Option


      Interstate Nineteen

      Easy to Drive, Easy to Park in Any?Spot

      The Interstate Nineteen is our smallest, nimblest touring coach yet. At only 19 feet, it’s only a few feet longer than the average SUV on the road. That means you can easily park neatly in any standard parking spot or maneuver to locations that would be impossible to reach with a larger coach. And that kind of freedom opens up all sorts of possibilities.

      Airstream Interstate Nineteen

      50+ Best-in-Class Features Come Standard

      We’ve always been focused on quality, standout design, and attention to detail. And in the Interstate Nineteen, the result of our passions is one of the finest Class B RVs on the road. We start with the foundation of a Mercedes-Benz? Sprinter 2500 van chassis and add more than 50 best-in-class features as standard, not upgrades. That means the very best in safety, performance, interior design, comfort, efficiency, and more are all on board each and every time you hit the road.


      Largest Bed in Its Class

      Spans the entire rear of the coach


      Power Sliding Door

      Open and close the sliding door with ease


      LED Widescreen Samsung? HDTV

      Watch all your favorite shows and movies


      Unlimited Hot Water

      Super efficient Truma furnace and water heater


      Multiplex Controls

      For blinds, awning, lighting, and more


      Mercedes-Benz Safety Systems

      Active safety systems automatically provide additional safety

      Why Airstream


      Quality Standards Unmatched in the Industry

      Over the past almost 100 years, the Airstream name has become synonymous quality. Why? Because we build every single travel trailer and touring coach the right way, even if that’s not the easy way.

      Airstream Interstate Nineteen

      Timeless, tasteful design

      Decades of designing RV spaces that welcome you in and keep you inspired long down the road have taught us a few things about how design can turn any trip into the trip of a lifetime.